Handy Tips for Filing Forms 940, 941, and CA DE9/DE9C

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Hello, fellow tax world comrades!

January 31, 2024, is just around the corner, and with it, the deadlines for filing Forms 940, 941, and CA DE9/DE9C. We know it can be a bit of a challenge, so here are some tips to make this process easier and help our clients comply on time.

1. Understand the forms:

Form 940 is for FUTA (federal unemployment tax), 941 is for reporting federal payroll taxes quarterly, and DE9 and DE9C forms are California-specific for reporting wages and state contributions.

2. Gather all necessary information:

Ensure you have totals of wages paid, taxes withheld, and any other relevant data from the fiscal year.

3. Check the deadlines for each form:

940 and 941 have their particularities, and the same applies to the California forms. Don’t get mixed up, and mark those dates in your calendar.

4. Use payroll tools and software:

There are many programs that can simplify preparing and filing these forms. Find the one that best fits your and your clients’ needs.

5. When in doubt, ask:

If you’re unsure about something, better ask an expert or consult directly with the tax authorities. Better to be safe!

6. File electronically if possible:

Electronic filing is generally faster and more secure. Plus, you can get receipt confirmations.

7. Prepare your clients for payments or refunds:

Depending on each client’s tax situation, they might need to make additional payments or receive refunds.

8. Keep detailed records:

It’s always good to have copies and detailed records of all filings and documents.


With these tips, I hope filing Forms 940, 941, and CA DE9/DE9C will be a bit easier. Remember, we’re here to help our clients navigate these tax waters. Let’s make this process as smooth as possible!

See you soon!
Anita Monrroy, CPA, EA, MST

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